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The main objectives of the centre are;

  1. Alleviate suffering of the poor, orphans, and street children by providing basic needs such as education, food, medical help, clothing and counseling services
  2. To involve and engage the community in appreciating and embracing human dignity in public, and social values through education in immunization, reproduction, HIV/Aids, family life, and nutrition
  3. To create awareness of the centre's needs by organizing events and activities that appeal to the donor bodies and communities to donate to the centre.
  4. To promote and assist in financing community projects geared towards enhancing development of women and the youth, and empower them to sustain the running of the centre.
  5. Identifying the illiterates in the early stages and the causes and ways to eliminate them.
  6. To ensure improved livelihood of the poor by building their confidence and the capacity to organize themselves and have control over their own income and ability to generate it.
  7. To make the needy children and unfortunate children strive for determination and self confidence.